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Nonla - "The Vietnamese conical straw hat."

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Blessed with a spectacular palm-fringed coastline, a city strewn with tourist attractions such as the "world's longest cable car" (running the Nha Trang-Vinpearl route) and an upbeat and cheery atmosphere, Nha Trang is Vietnam's own city-resort. The thriving metropolis has many colorful buildings with towering mountains in the backdrop, a good number of lodging and food options, and an airport for easy access. Urban trekkers, beach-bums, and tourists converge in the country's prime waterfront and leave with satisfied smiles on their faces. Nha Trang's prime lure is the stunning Nha Trang beach, a sliver of heaven on earth with its sugar-white sand, waters in every shade of blue, and a stunning view of the horizon. Tourists can...

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